About the Blogger

Nice to meet you!

Although the African people may tell you otherwise, my given name was Lisa Sanchez (remind me to tell you the African name banner story another time), with a surname upgrade to Martinez after our June 2011 nuptials.  A lover of both the written and sung words, I decided in 2009 to join the masses and blog it out. Upon the closing of some major doors at the time, I decided to take Maria von Trapp’s advice and look for the open windows. I see now how those things needed to end in order to create new and better beginnings down the road.

Writing is one way for me to stop living other peoples’ dreams and pursue my own. I wish I did it more – you’ll notice I’m an occasional Blogger.  Still, it is one of my passions, so I’m glad that you stopped by to share in this expression of myself.  Other creative outlets for me include singing/playing music, art, cooking, crochet, photography and other artsy-crafty fun.

With my husband, we’ve established our own small business, illuvint llc, which I run full-time. Our company was designed to provide services to support other small businesses and ministries – in a nutshell, the areas they struggle most with, including: Marketing, Social Media, Websites, and Graphic Design. Hopefully by the time you click this link, our website will be out of development and finally LIVE, illuvint.com

I am “a Hungry Mexican” since my ancestry hails from Mexico on my Father’s side and Hungary on my Mother’s.  No, I’m not fluent in either language but can thoroughly entertain you in my attempts to communicate either way.

On the Twittersphere, you can find me here: @LSanMartini & @illuvint. In real life you’ll likely find me either getting after something on my Mac or engaged in some sort of Tomfoolery to create laughter. Laughter is like air to me, I can’t live without it.

2 thoughts on “About the Blogger

  1. Dan Costanzo says:


    We are praying for your Mother and your whole family. Hold fast.

    We love you.



  2. Greg Baranyai says:

    Lisa, Sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. My brothers Larry, Gary and I did not hear about Eve’s passing til Sat 1/29/11. I guess Uncle Bill had sent an e-mail but I don’t read my e-mail on a daily basis. Also Bill sends alot of e-mails and you don’t know which ones to read. We will keep everyone in prayer. Sincerly, Greg


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