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DIY Hilarious Fail

Pinterest DIY looks so tantalizing and simple. In your own home, away from the perfectly staged online pictures, DIY can be a quite opposite experience. If you are looking for a Martha Stewart Pinterest-worthy DIY episode, move along dear heart.

First, let’s set the scene. My husband and I were hustling to prepare our Dallas-area Condo to become our rental property prior to our move in June. A big project was our small kitchen. We had already replaced the hideous fluorescent light fixture, and the 1980’s kitchen faucet, microwave, and fridge. Never bothering with the cream laminate countertops and stark white walls, they desperately needed to be bothered with now.

One of my closest girlfriends came in our time of need to join me in a “DIY Adventure”, the kitchen refresh. It quickly spiraled into an “I Love Lucy” sketch. She interviewed me afterwards to recount our DIY Hilarious Fail — video below.

There are 2 products I comically review in this video: Peel and Stick Wallpaper (purchased at Target), and Behr Premium Plus Paint (purchased at Home Depot).

This is unedited and a low-budget shoot (she uses a paint roller as a microphone.) It adds to the raw emotion of the DIY misadventure. The last 8 seconds kill me. I hope that this will bring you a much-needed laugh too, as we all really need one after the tragedies of last week.

What DIY fails have you had? Share them with me – leave a comment.

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Meeting Steve Wozniak & What He Really Thinks of the Movie Jobs

As Apple Geeks, the highlight of attending this week’s Dallas Digital Summit 2013 hands down was the closing keynote by Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. That, as well as the fact that my Hubby actually snagged a photo with “The Gentle Giant”!

Steve Wozniak Apple

I’ve always found people endearing that possess brilliant minds and are still so personable, nice and down-to-earth: This is definitely how “The Woz” comes across in real life. He’d sit with other conference attendees at tables near the back of the room during sessions and was very gracious to chat and take photos with the masses.

The Hubs scored us front row seats during the closing Steve Wozniak interview done by Brent Herd, the Director of Southeast Twitter. Listening to Woz talk about the early days of Apple, what Steve Jobs was really like, being a jokester, and even Dancing with the Stars — he certainly had the whole room captivated.

I was really interested to hear what he really thinks of the movie Jobs, since Mike and had seen and enjoyed it. Here was his candid response:

Well I didn’t get to meet the Great and Powerful Woz myself, I still got a photo opp with an Apple legend in her own right. I shared a Toblerone and a photo with our friend, Shi Ji, and Susan Bennett, known as the voice of Siri. Yes folks, us Apple Geeks are sitting pretty this week!

voice of siri

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Dancing Machine

As you await with bated breath Part 2 of my annual Christmas update, I’m giving you a little something extra.  In Louisiana, they call that Lagniappe (lan YAP; and not with the nasal Michigan ‘a’ either).

I love this video, so I had to edit it, then share it.  It features my cutie-patootie nephew, Jacob, at 6 months, and my Dad.  This was taken right before my wedding, so it was June, at my house.  Next week Jacob turns ONE – I can’t believe it has been a year already…

In this rare footage, you will see how we do it in the Sanchez family:  We start the love affair with music and dancing young.

Enjoy watching Jacob, breaking it down to Chaka Khan. Choreographed by Grandpa.

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A Christmas Surprise

My husband rocks. A spontaneous surprise, we left his folk’s South Texas home on Monday, where we spent our first Martinez Christmas, to show up at my Dad’s. My brother, Jeff’s, family joined in and met us here late last night.

Here’s the video of that great moment where 7 of us descended upon Dad’s quiet home.

It was special, as this was also the 1st Christmas without our dear Mom; and Dad’s first one home alone. How sweet that we could see both our families for Christmas!

Christmas Surprise

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