Closing a Door Here

What a journey it’s been, friends! I started this blog over 10-years ago, as some major doors closed in my life, heeding Maria von Trapp’s advice and looked for the open windows.

With more than a decade under my belt of blogging, so much has changed. From starting our small business, and a nonprofit, to letting almost everything go as I cared for my Dad until he passed away last March.

I’ve seen now how things needed to end in order to create new and better beginnings down the road. That something new has been created, friends and I spent half of last year preparing for it.


Little With Great Love is the new outreach that the Holy Spirit has been calling me to do with a diverse group of disciples. Inspired by the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saints Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Thérèse the Little Flower, it is a work of the heart – from ours to yours. As their faith moved them to do countless little things with great love, we pray that you will also be motivated to do the same. By sharing our stories and gifts, we desire to connect with and accompany other pilgrims amidst the mountains and valleys of this life. May we encounter Christ in one another and find peace and restoration.

I have deep gratitude to all of you that have joined me here over the past decade – if it was just for a post, or through most of the wild ride. As I close the door of blogging at Closeddoorsopenwindows, I open the window to So I’m not stopping blogging, I’m just doing it at a new place. I hope you will come and join me and the Little With Great Love team as we take our restoration journey together over there.

God bless all of you, and thank you again!


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