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Mardi Gras Bridal Shower

Have you heard the expression, “Eleventh time’s a charm?”

No? Maybe I made that up, since I will be standing amidst the Bridal Party in my eleventh wedding (besides my own) in April of this year. But, since it is for one of my nearest & dearest girlfriends, Ms. Kelli, it IS a charm! Both my Hubby and I were asked to be part of the wedding party, and I was asked to be the Matron of Honor.

Yes, it’s my first wedding as a Matron. And I am so glad it is for my Soul Sister and her beloved!

OK, stop thinking of me as the real-life version of Katherine Heigl in “27 Dresses” and let’s get to the Mardi Gras party fun stuff!

So, the Maid of Honor, Julie, and I were co-hostesses in this Mardi Gras Bridal Shower endeavor. Shout out to my co-hort, my other half of our A-Team Party Planners extraordinaire, WHAT WHAT?!! (It’s better when we say that in person…sorry…moving on…).

All of the ideas below were either conceived (or respectfully borrowed) by us, The A-Team. They were put into action through weeks of shopping, planning, coordinating, spray-painting, gluing, favor-making, menu-creating, collaborating, and finally executing SUCCESSFULLY this past weekend!

This is the Bride and I towards the end of the shower, and see the big happy smiles? Ok, it’s hard not to smile when you’re about to eat King Cake.

Mardi Gras Bridal Shower

To get into the true Spirit of this post, I highly recommend listening to some real Cajun’s singing the famous Mardi Gras Song. I loved listening to Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys when I lived in Cajun Country, so here’s what it looks like live!

The time: Bridal Shower was held midday, from 3:00-6:00 pm on the Saturday before Mardi Gras

The place: Lafayette, Louisiana at the home of the Bride’s Mother

The theme: Mardi Gras! Everything colored Purple, Yellow, and Green

The invitation said:

A Mardi Gras fan, come, join, as we celebrate the “Bride to Be”.

Dress for the theme, a bon couer, prizes for joining in the revelry!

Wear your best mask, Mardi Gras colors, costume or ball gown,

Join in the fun, making for the most unique Bridal Shower in town!

The good times need not cease, so be not afraid.

If you’re game, let’s continue, until the evening parade!

We gave the guests beads when they arrived. During that time, I enlisted the help of one of the Bride’s relatives, having all the women fill out a card in the Spiritual Bouquet – our group gift to the Bride and Groom. More on that later.

We kicked off the party with food and fun. The women were invited to participate in a mask making contest, with two tables set up with all kinds of glitter, glue, decorations, and paper masks spray painted in the theme colors by Julie.

Mardi Gras Masks

Decorating Masks

Mardi Gras Mask Making

Mardi Gras Mask

We were happy to see so many of the guests participating! While they decorated their masks, Cajun/Zydeco Fais Do Do music played in the background, and they grazed on the large spread of appetizers.

Mardi Gras Food

Mardi Gras Bridal Shower Candy Bar

Mardi Gras Candy Bar

That’s a Mardi Gras Themed Candy Bar, and it was a hit! Julie and Emily worked really hard to find candies that were only purple, green, and yellow (including lemon heads, sour apple licorice pieces, purple chuckles, etc…). My Hubby and I worked on creating favor bags – small cello bags with labels of the name and date of the bride and groom, with the tri-colored ribbon ties adhered on each bag.

Note on the decor pictured above: That’s a panel of curtain that I laid over a counter top, with some purple runners the Bride had given us to use, and lots of theme-colored bows with ties strewn everywhere.

More decor fun facts. I made that sign, “77 days until I Do” out of scrap book paper, foam board, and paint. The same scrap book paper was glued onto white cardboard scrapbook pages and placed around the sign on draped the purple ribbon, held on by clothespins. (After the Bridal Shower, I gave the Bride-to-Be the 3 metal rings to hold the scrapbook together, and the decor has now become a keepsake gift!) Across the top are hung hand painted paper masks, with the names of the couple and their wedding date, strung together with ribbon.

Mardi Gras Bridal Shower

The appetizers could have fed the crew plus some alone, since it was a fabulous lot of food, but the A-Team knew it wouldn’t be a Mardi Gras party without a proper Gumbo – which was served while opening the gifts! With my catering background, I was in charge of the menu. It included favorites of the Bride and theme-appropriate choices such as:

BarBQ Sausage, Mini Muffuletta Sandwiches, Apple Slices with Carmel Dip and cheese tray, Veggie Tray, Hummus and Pita Chips, Tri-colored Tortilla chips & Salsa, Hot Spinach Dip, Boudin Tray, Deviled Eggs…

But what may have surprised the Bride the most, was this little stunt.

Mardi Gras ChickenOne of Kelli’s oldest friends showed up dressed like the Mardi Gras Chicken! This is a Cajun tradition, as the Mardi Gras chase after a Chicken while they run out in the country.

Our Big Chicken handed out golden eggs that held trivia questions inside about the Bride and the Groom. Each person got to answer their question, and all that participated got a pair of Fleur di Lis earrings.

Bride & Groom Trivia

Afterwards, Kelli made her good-sport-of-a-friend do the Chicken dance before departing


We then had the Bride and her Mama serve as judges in the Mask-making contest, as contest-participants paraded by them while people sang a lively parade song!







By measure of applause, we picked the winner in the middle. But all the masks showed great creativity and were super fun!

Next, we served Gumbo, rice and potato salad while the Bride opened her gifts. The gift that moved her to tears was presented at the end: The Spiritual Bouquet that we all made for her. I decoupaged/painted a pine heart-shaped box (see link to my previous post on that) and printed off cards for all the women to fill out with their Spiritual offerings they would make for the happy couple during their engagement.

Spiritual Bouquet

We had some Bridal Shower silliness after that, and ate King Cake and delicious Mardi Gras cupcakes provided by dear friends of the Bride. The Bride gave her thanks to all at the end.

Credits: The Mother of the Bride graciously offered her home, so that was our location. Thank you, Ms. Gwen. We had about 3 other lovely ladies offer assistance in various ways, and we took them up on it – thank you, Jeanne, Cherie, and Emily!

As for my attire, I had gotten a bit daring. I stopped by the Thrift Store a few weeks before the Shower. I found a Banana Republic 100% Silk purple dress that was 50% off, so $4.99. The only thing was it was apparently made for someone 7″ taller with Pamela Anderson-like features.

DSC02852 Mardi Gras Dress

I cut off the triangled-tops, and moved the elastic part up that was the empire waist to become the top. I took in the sides, cut down the straps, and sewed a sash with purple, yellow, and green ribbon that I bought at Michaels. I never got a great picture of me in it, since I was so busy that day, but here I am sitting down in my repurposed $4.99 Banana Republic dress, indulging in some King Cake!

King Cake

It certainly was a unique Bridal Shower – befitting a woman who always loves unique ways to celebrate life! Everyone joined in on the fun, and the Bride and her Mom had an amazing time, which was our goal.

Mission accomplished! Chalk it up for a WIN, A-Team Party Planners!

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2012 Year in Review: Annual Christmas Letter

“If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.”

-St. John of the Cross


If I don’t send this–our Annual Christmas Letter update–folded up in our Christmas cards every year, then I usually send a note with the card directing folks here for the proverbial dirt on our comings & goings, highlights of the year, and photo fun. Well, if you happen to be a close-knit friend/family member that’s on our card list, if you hadn’t noticed that a card has not arrived from us, you for sure know now. If you sent us a card, know that we are grateful and truly loved it; and this update is written from our heart to yours. We don’t talk, see each other, message each other, etc., nearly enough–so this is my feeble attempt to connect. Pardon the public format, please.

(Violins play in the background of this part of the prologue). Since we moved up our departure date to Florida 1-week earlier, amidst everything else, it may tip you off to the extreme time crunch we’ve been operating under, especially this season, and the great need to re-prioritize our ever elusive friend and foe, TIME. I easily could have been Martha – determined to still send out Christmas cards come what may; but, I’m thankful that Mary took over, choosing the better part. I’ve been spending some desperately needed downtime in a sunny spot, surrounded by a subset of the circle of loving and large family we are blessed with.

Paul Jacob by Waterside

If you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you’ve likely been seeing a surge of posts and pics from me, i.e. playing with our Godson, visiting with my Brother at my Father’s home–during the short days that our trips overlapped in Florida–baking Mom’s beloved Christmas treats, taking time to blog again, photos, making 1st Turkey dinner, working on our business ventures (more to come on that), etc…

If you are a new blog follower, or just-popped-on-your-blog-cause-I-searched-something guest, well then, WELCOME! Glad you are here, and hope you stay awhile, as well as come back for more visits in the future!

This time for me to “retreat and recharge” has mainly been provided by Mike’s kindness and unwavering support, as well as the flexibility provided by his boss to telecommute into work. And my Dad’s kindness in always opening up his home to us. For all these things and more, I am grateful. Without further ado, here’s the 2012 update!


(perfect for speed readers, skimmers, SEO optimizers, you know who you are, etc and such)

Some 2012 Great Moments, in random order:

  • Celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary on June 24th. Yep, still Newlyweds and loving it!
  • Being asked to be Padrinos, or Godparents, for the first time together for our youngest nephew, Jacob, also on June 24th
  • Seeing our Texas family, and being back where we got married-South Padre Island-before our 1st wedding anniversary
  • Dad coming to visit us in Texas during the summer
  • Finally seeing my 1st Ordination – congrats to our friends in Dallas who have made fine, young Priests
  • Visiting with friends and family coming to or passing through Dallas – always a blast!
  • Having one of our dearest friends, Kelli, get engaged to Marcelo and ask both of us to be in their wedding. This will be my first time as Matron of Honor 🙂 Incidentally, she was our Maid of Honor.
  • Making the 1st part of “Our Big Announcement”. The 2nd part at the end, folks, so hang in there.

Travel-related 2012 Highlights:

  • Began the New Year traveling back from our Christmas trips to be with both sides of the family in South Texas and in Central Florida
  • South Florida in May for Alyssa’s (niece) Quincinera, a great celebration!
  • San Benito in June, a brief visit with Mike’s family, swinging by South Padre beach where we celebrated our marriage the previous year
  • Louisiana in October for Jeff & Erika’s (friends) wedding – we stayed in a lil’ Cabin on the Bayou. Mike got a Gumbo-making lesson, and we enjoyed a short time to see friends and be back in the country
  • Michigan in November. We took a health scare from my Grandma as an opportunity to visit her and stay with my bro & SIL, Chris & Jen, visiting a couple of other friends and family members in between
  • South Texas in late November – we spent Thanksgiving with Mike’s family in San Benito (we made a mighty fine Turkey, I might add), and then to San Antonio with SIL & BIL, Rose & Jesse. Mike & I were honored to be chosen as Padrinos of the Rings for our newlywed cousins, Thomas & Claudia! We also got to have a yummy brunch with our other cousin, Robert
  • Full circle to Central Florida for Christmas

NOTE: Since we’ve gotten several tempting offers, the list of places-we-WANT-to-travel/friends-& family-that-we-want-to-see is always MUCH longer then what we’ve accomplished. Despite working fulltime and laying the groundwork of 2 businesses, we still were able to squeeze out several trips, as you can see, mostly visiting family since we are both Dallas transplants. Looking forward to more adventures in 2013 – and please continue to be patient with us if you’ve been on the “to visit” list! We’ve not forgotten you – it’s all about the right timing though. Praying for us to have an increase of time and money may move you up on that list though, LOL!!

Several of the Cool New Things I’ve Learned to Make/Do in 2012:

  • Crochet
  • Movie promotionFor Greater Glory, an inspiring and historic film that premiered in the US in June
  • Decoupage
  • Twitter, @LSanMartini at your service. OK, so…I held out until 2012 to dip my toe into that Social Media pool. I’ve got a whopping 20 followers as of this 3rd day of Christmas, to sporatically try and entertain in 140 characters or less. A challenge for the verbose, truly. Trust me, I’ve got Facebook and Pinterest down pat; but I basically feel like I’m wandering round the Twitter Kiddie Pool with a life jacket, and am just now learning how to use the big girl potty instead of the ol’ catch and release method. Did that just get weird? Sorry.
  • Foodie Progress: Homemade Packzi’s (for Fat Tuesday), Brined Turkey, healthy & hearty meals, (click the recipes tab for a few more – but many haven’t been posted unfortunately!)
  • Graphic design – dabbling in logos, icons, new and old programs
  • WordPress-based website development & design– a blog redo, involved with development new websites from scratch – including working on mine (not live yet)
  • With the help of a great new Doc, learning what and how to fight back my Chronic Neck Pain/Migraine Headaches that’s gone on for far too long
  • Photography – we recently scored our first DSLR during Wolf/Ritz Camera’s Going-out-of-Business Sale, and it’s been a blessing. Have loved learning, getting blu-ray interview of my Grandma, and even doing our first engagement photo shoot! This is a good segue way into a a very brief year-end photo tour, courtesy of the Sony a77 and my Hubby & I.

Jacob & Pilar

Gloria in Excelsis Jacob Santa Letter

Jeff & Erica Wedding

Lisa Molly dancing


Midday on Bayou

brined thanksgiving turkey

Josie at Thanksgiving



BW Lisa & Jacob

Kelli and Marcelo

St Mary's Austin BETTER


MJ bunny hat

Birthday Family

Jacob in Suitcase

Paul pushing stroller

OL Guadalupe

2012: The Heart of the Matter

2012 has been quite a teacher, as the virtue I was given to work on was perseverance—aka endurance. Through the highlights, as well as personal and professional trials in a downward-facing dog economy, I’ve learned, adjusted, and grown.

Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. -Romans 5:3-5

The Big Announcement Part II, is something we’ve been building over the years, months, and more so then ever in the past weeks. Honestly, it’s something we feel strongly that God’s been preparing me for, especially through all of the work experiences and skills that I’ve gained over the past 20+ years. Looking back on the doors that have closed and the windows that have opened, it all makes sense. I am moving into being a full-time small business owner , serving as Co-owner/COO of Illuvint as well as Owner of Little With Great Love, Online Boutique.

What is Illuvint? The formal version:

Illuvint LLC, a family-owned and operated company, specializes in custom solutions for small business owners. From online presence to ecommerce, PR to sales, operations to advertising, IT to logos, consulting to implementation, we desire to be involved in what makes you successful! Our diverse, collective expertise provides creative and powerful approaches – from our entrepreneurial experience to yours.

The informal version:

A marriage of the skills, experience, knowledge, talent, resources, outsourcing contacts…that we’ve doubled through our own marriage.

SPECIAL THANKS: I’m very grateful for the diverse and nationwide group of people that have been involved in the preparation of this journeying out into the world in this new way. You are far too many to name, but I pray that you know who you are and how you’ve made a great impact on us. Your support of the work Mike and/or I have already done, mentorship, encouragement, prayers, love, help, yadda yadda yadda, have made us better versions of ourselves. I’m excited to be a full-time Entrepreneur!

Stay tuned for more to come on Illuvint! We will need your continued prayers, encouragement, support, and referrals as this start-up is about to get a kickstart into 2013.

We pray for you, and for us, that 2013 will bring abundance. Abundance of grace, blessings, love, joy, peace, health, wealth, and wisdom!

Love and prayers,

Lisa + Mike

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Our Big Announcement!!

No, we’re not pregnant…yet… But admit it, that’s kinda what you were thinking, right?  Trust me, you’ll know when that’s happening .  You will be literally be able to hear certain people shouting it from the rooftops, ha ha ha!

Moving right along, this announcement is about somethings else we’ve been working on behind the scenes.  Talking about things since last year, consulting with folks, planning, preparing, wishing, dreaming, slowly crossing tasks off the growing list, working on after our “day jobs”…

And guess what — we’re getting close!

This is the special preview of just one of the things we’ve been working on…

Little With Great Love Logo

This is the logo (I’m also now dabbling in Graphic Design–not bad for my first logo, huh?!) for what will be my own little online boutique, called Little With Great Love.

The name was inspired by my two favorite Theresas, St. Therese the Little Flower and Mother Teresa, that “we cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”  This little online boutique will feature beautiful handmade goods. The driving force behind this is my Mother-in-law, Josie, who is a crocheting machine.  I’m telling you, this woman can crank out a hat or a scarf before your visit is over!!

I learned a little about crochet from my Grandma when I was young, but it had been years since I even thought of doing it again.  Last year when Josie visited us in Dallas and we took her to get supplies, I asked her to show me how to crochet once again.  Although I’m definitely much slower with a crochet hook, and still need to consult YouTube “how to videos” (shout out to all the crochet videographers – you’ve saved my project more then once! Learning to read crochet patterns is like learning a new language), I’m coming along little by little.  But they are all made with great love, I assure you!

Our website will be  It’s just the logo there right now – but a shop will take its place once we are able to finish building it!  Since I just got the second shipment of more Little With Great Love goodies from Josie, and we now have a real digital camera to take pics with, I wanted to share a quick special sneak peak preview here!

Crochet Hats

Little with Great Love hats of many colors!

More Hats - Little With Great Love

More hats, headbands, in lots of styles and colors

Scarves - Little With Great Love

Close up so you can see the quality craftsmanship of these handmade scarves

Little With Great Love - Lisa's Crochet

A couple things I’ve learned to make – Pumpkin Hat for infants, adult hat with matching neck warmer, and accent flowers

We are excited to get the shop up and running, and hopefully just in time for cooler weather and sweet Christmas gifts too. Our handmade gifts can be customized too – with your choice of colors, sizes, styles (if you have seen something on Pinterest that you must have, we can search for the pattern to make it).

Crochet will not be the only thing we feature, but it is what we will be putting up in the shop first – since obviously we have it in stock!

I’ll keep you posted about the kickoff of Little With Great Love.  Your support would mean so much to us as we work to get things off the ground, so I’d love to hear your comments about things you’d like to see in the shop as we build.  Helping us spread the word would be just lovely too.

P.S. If you see something you like, or want something before the shop is online, please let me know! We’d be happy to oblige.

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Decoupage Spiritual Bouquet

I’ve worked across many mediums in my artistic escapades, but I don’t know how or why Decoupage has eluded me.  Well, now I can cross it off the “attempted” list, but definitely not off the mastered! Our dear friends are moving North, and as they have given so much to us and our Church, it required a special gift.  I wanted to present them with a Spiritual Bouquet. For those unfamiliar what a Spiritual Bouquet is, a brief explanation would be:

The Spiritual Bouquet is basically a gift of prayer from a group of people.  It is comprised of gathering whatever form of prayers or offerings each person wishes to make for the recipient. For example, someone might offer 2 Rosaries and a Holy Communion.  Another person might offer a two acts of charity and a Morning Prayer. Or one might enroll them at a Shrine or with a Religious order for Masses to be offered daily over a certain period of time.  It all varies, as it depends on whatever spiritual offerings the gift-givers desire to make.  These would then be compiled somehow, such as in a card, and then presented as a Spiritual Bouquet to someone.
I searched online for ideas to create a grownup Spiritual Bouquet.  Nothing totally grabbed me, but some ideas did start forming.  I emailed our retreat team and asked for them to respond with their offerings for our friends. Then I created a personalized template, printed out the offering cards, and wrote down each person’s offerings.  I’m going to attempt my first FREE downloadable PDF file of this template for those interested (I took out the family’s name, so it’s a generic form).  Hold your applause, please.  Click this Link:  Spritual Bouquet Cards

Spiritual Bouquet Cards

I also printed & cut extra to bring to the going-away party for others interested in adding to the bouquet.
Lastly, I decoupaged a small pine box to not only personalize the gift, but give them a spiritual keepsake — also easy to move across the country.

I found on Pinterest how to make my own “Modge Podge” with water and Elmer’s Glue.  I dumped the whole bottle of glue in my fancy pickle jar and then filled it back up 2/3’s with water,  and then shook up.  It worked OK, but I’ve never used Modge Podge, so I can’t do a fair comparison honestly.

Pinterest suggestion to make your own “Modge Podge” with water + glue in a jar

This Divine Mercy card was from the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Krakow, Poland, where St. Faustina lived and died as a religious sister.

Our team logo and a fitting scripture

This St. Therese the Little Flower prayer card was from Lisieux, France, where this Doctor of the Church lived and died.

The Decoupage Pine Box with the Spiritual Bouquet cards

Note: After I glued the items on the wood box, I let it dry for a bit, and then sprayed it with Krylon’s “Low Odor Clear Finish”.  That gave it a protective and glossy finish.

That’s the quick version, friends.  In the end, this makes a nice personalized gift from the heart, full of prayers, and a thoughtful keepsake!

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Setting Up the Martinez Command Center

It’s been a nice day here in a cooler version of DFW.  We took advantage of the holiday by beginning to put things up on the walls in our home office. Here’s what the progress is looking like in my corner of the home office, aka the Martinez Command Center:

Home Office

My crafted French Twill Cork Storyboards that were featured in my post yesterday are hanging now, ready to fill up with writing notes.  Near the window is the beautiful personalized frame that my sister-in-law & crew gave us for our wedding — it has our names and our wedding date on it, and happens to match perfectly!  (It’s blank because it is waiting for our wedding photos to pop in there.)  The Paris sign was a house-warming gift from 4 years ago.  My crafted letter holder is sitting on the desk along with some of our framed engagement photos, some photo boxes holding supplies, a few personal items, a little pot for my push pins, and some cool tins from Ikea that I put my pens and things in.  Uhhh, don’t pay any attention to the stuff on the floor…still needing to finish setting up and cleaning up 🙂

French Twill Cork Storyboards

A close up of the 3 French Twill Cork Storyboards that I made and are now hanging on the bright yellow home office wall.  My excitement inspired the message that I push-pinned up there:  “I (heart) my home office!”

Hubby's DeskMike’s desk received a decorative touch as well.  Artwork that I made in high school, my pen & ink stipple point Bulldog, “Poncho” now serves as his watchdog.

Breaking the desk inIt was about 9:30 pm when Mike and I realized we were hungry, since we had been so embroiled in our set-up.  We took our fruit, cheese and cracker snack/dinner into our upgraded space to enjoy.

Mike gets a big “THANK YOU!”  He helped me attach picture hangers, ran out to Home Depot amidst the set-up to pick up more supplies, carefully measured everything off, drilled, etc, etc, and made it look “picture perfect.” He’s so handy, and I’m so blessed.

Looking forward to continuing to set-up the Martinez Command Center. We have some more work to do, but thankfully the bigger items are pretty much in place.  I hope you have enjoyed a brief glimpse into some of the space, my French Countryside corner office, in the Newlywed’s home!

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Crafting Sassy Supplies

We, the Newlyweds, have been settling into married life with a skosh more then two months under our Sacramental belts now.  Part of process has consisted of setting up our home office, which has been exciting for me since I never have had a “real” set-up before.  It has been a gradual and detail-oriented undertaking over the past few weeks now, from shopping extensively online then finally going to Ikea for corner desks we both like to assemble and arrange, to making the bigger investment of a portable AC unit to keep our hottest room cool enough to house all of our computers/gadgets/systems and keep them running.  And what the heck? Finding office chairs that are less expensive then a Lazy Boy recliner and chair mats for high pile carpets that are less expensive then replacing the carpet has been an ordeal in and of itself!

But now I’ve gotten to the fun part — the decorative bit!  And to put my own sassy twist on my creative space, I’ve done some crafting.  I’ve had some supplies on hand, picked-up whatever was lacking, and finally have made some time to devote to getting it ready to transform my space!

I picked up an old cork board at the Good Will that someone had already attempted to make sassy.  I saw more potential in that polka-dotted bulletin board so I put down my $5 and snatched it up.  I stripped it down and started to rebuild it into a French Country Cork Story Board!

I’ve had scraps of the French Twill fabric since a friend brought me them shortly after I moved in 4 years ago.  That designer friend helped me plot out a “French Countryside” theme in my bright yellow at-the-time guest room.   We used some of those material scraps as accents to the valance hanging over the windows.  After all this time, the remaining scraps have worked out to be the perfect sizes for the pieces featured herein.

I began my crafting with the large Bulletin Board.  I put a little cotton-like backing over the cork, then I hot glued my French Twill material over that. For next time, I will use Fabric Glue instead, because the hot glue bled through the light colored fabric in a few places.  Craft and learn, right?

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and picked up the perfect frilly black ribbon to apply to the wood border.  The black created a dramatic frame for this piece.  I then hot glued a decorative cream accent border around the interior edge to finish it off.  I like the soft touch and detail right inside that frilly dramatic edge.

Now I have my fancy French Twill Cork Storyboard to use for my writing projects! (Photographed above, bottom right.)

To have a bit more space to push-pin up my storyboard index cards to organize my writing topics, I also got some cork board 12×12 squares.  Back at Hobby Lobby, I snagged 2 gorgeous and appropriately named “Paris” open back frames that were 50% off (nice frames – originally $27.99 each).  I cut down the cork squares to fit the 8 x 10 frames.  I covered it with the French Twill fabric, and used craft glue to stick it on to the cork board. Then I hot glued them into the frame.

Next I cut some black foam board to fit as a backing behind the cork.  It was not only meant to give it a more finished look, but also to provide some support since the cork is thin and flimsy.  These pieces were quick to make, relatively inexpensive with the sale purchase, and will make nice side accents to the middle large cork storyboard.  

Lastly I needed something to organize my bills and other paper paraphernalia. I got a simple little wooden black tiered letter holder – I think it ended up being $6.99 with my 40% coupon. I took some of my black frill ribbon, and the cream accent border down the middle, and attached the accents to the front with my craft glue. Fast and simple touches have made it go from plain to posh.

There’s something to be said to creating a pleasing environment in which to work.  If I’m going to spend a considerable amount of time at my desk, I wanted a warm, sassy yet classy, with a touch of international flair workspace in which to be productive, creative, or both.  My husband can have his Superman stuff on his side, but I can almost smell the fresh baguettes and Café au lait in my Hungry-Mexican twist on the French Countryside.

I need to go out to get some picture hanger thingies (that is a highly technical term, sorry if I lost you there) to complete my crafted sassy supplies by making them wall-hanger ready.  That’s on the agenda for later today or tomorrow.  Once they are up on the wall tomorrow and the space gets tidied up, I’ll post a pic of what my sassy office space looks like.

I hope that this may have inspired you to beautify your space too!  Just like me, make it your own.  If you’re not crafty, or just don’t have the time etc, just say the word and that may be the last incentive I need to set-up an Etsy shop with my Mother-in-laws lovely Crocheted items and this and whatever creative and/or sassy endeavors my brain squeezes out!  Actually, by mid-October I’d like to have the Etsy shop up and running since my MIL is a crocheting machine, and we’ve had some of her items ready to go since her Spring Break visit (Hey, we were wedding planning, OK?).  So more to come!

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