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A Valentine for Him

With only five days until Hallmark’s lottery of a holiday, one cannot enter a store without the visual bombardment of heartshaped overkill and death by chocolate, make it a double.  Yet at the heart of Valentine’s day (ba dump bump), the memorial of a Saint who gave his life for Love, exists noble intentions still.  It is from there that I have decided to allow my pen to try and release a bit of what is contained within my heart.

There is a love which has changed me, a love from which I will never recover even should I desire to do so.  All from a man who selflessly provides for me daily, accepting and appreciating me always just as I am.  Everyone who really knows him can’t help but love him.  He’s incredibly gifted and all too generous. He’s doing very well for himself considering he has abundant resources at his disposal, yet remains so humble.  I could go on and on…  You may be thinking, why have I not heard about this amazing relationship – what?!  But you have, I talk about Him often.  You see, there is none but Him, none but Jesus.

I share my love poem to Jesus with you, so that maybe you too will look within your heart and share with Him what is there, or perhaps even what you want to be there. You don’t have to write it out, you could pray it, sing it, YouTube it, skywrite it or whatever.  Love is not meant to be contained, so however you do it, let it be a true expression from you.  After my poem you will find a video of what I imagine could be His response to my Valentine.  With a moving slideshow, “God Is” by Danielle Rose, is the musical pairing I’ve selected.  Her voice, those words – well, just listen, you’ll understand.


His is the heart from which all desires emanate and actualize.

With radiance that shatters obscurity, He illuminates the path of hope.

He is mercy that is unfailing, inexhaustible, crucified, and conquering.

Endlessly outstretched, His arms ache to impart the redemptive embrace.

Shrouded in humility, He remains incomparably reknown.

The purest proposed, His love is eternally in pursuit.

All-consuming is His enkindling fire, which purifies where it blazes.

Then quenching is His ocean of peace which pervades.

His faithful gaze is ever watchful, guiding, protecting.

The existence of all creation rests in His generous hands.

Who am I, that even a whisper to Him should escape my lips?

Though gently He takes my hand, dazzlingly adorns me, and draws me near.

In Love’s victory our hearts rejoice, each beat releasing restlessness and fear.

Mine is the heart comprising all I have to return to Him, which is His delight.

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