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Be Willing to Risk


This felt right for a Monday morning post.  Depending on whether you’re a half-full or half-empty kinda person, this may either be a spark to inspire or a little kick in the pants at the beginning of the week. Reflect on the image for a moment. It embodies that feeling of teetering on the edge of risk. How sound is this decision? Where does it lead? What if I fall? What will I do once I get there?

If you were to divide up what your efforts are spent on, I wonder how big the pie would be in the area of “being comfortable”.  As a person that holds my fears and insecurities close to my chest and navigates carefully to avoid having them exposed, I’m not here to cast stones, but rather am trying to work on sorting through them all in order to become the best version of myself. Honestly, I’ve struggled with perfectionism for years, thinking that my accomplishments, jokes, skills, etc. would hopefully secure people’s good opinion of me. But God help me, life is so restrictive and exhausting when I can’t make a mistake and need to please everyone all of the time. I am one who cares often too much – the lot of a passionate temperament, for better or for worse.

Like my friend in college used to say in his best Gospel preacher voice,

Jesus did not say pick up your lawn chairs. He said, “Pick up your CROSS.”

While one can apply this “GO AHEAD” to stepping out in big ways, like me leaving my job recently to pursue running a start-up business; to say it’s only about taking big plunges is missing the point. There are so many little ways (yes, like my favorite Little Flower, St. Therese would say) to risk…

Go ahead and take the initiative to learn something new by just beginning to do it, and don’t give up.
…and not beat yourself up for making a mistake.
…and call (not text) that friend that has been on your mind, but you haven’t talked to for so long.
…and make some time to really unplug, be silent, and really try and hear God’s voice.
…and dust off your resolutions, writing 3 goals in a place you see daily that you want to achieve between now and December 31st.
…and begin to take control of your health, make time for yourself and work on implementing at least one healthier choice.
…and ask that troubled person if they are OK, and REALLY listen.
…and think of your biggest dream, and map out 1 step towards getting closer to it.
…and tell that person you hardly ever do, an incredible compliment of something you admire about him/her.
…and ask that person who eats lunch at their desk everyday if they’d like to join you today.
…and tell your partner that thing that has been pressing on your heart that you’ve been avoiding.

It’s true, you never know what could be on the other side – until you try. Perfect joy may await you across that daunting trek…

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