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Setting Up the Martinez Command Center

It’s been a nice day here in a cooler version of DFW.  We took advantage of the holiday by beginning to put things up on the walls in our home office. Here’s what the progress is looking like in my corner of the home office, aka the Martinez Command Center:

Home Office

My crafted French Twill Cork Storyboards that were featured in my post yesterday are hanging now, ready to fill up with writing notes.  Near the window is the beautiful personalized frame that my sister-in-law & crew gave us for our wedding — it has our names and our wedding date on it, and happens to match perfectly!  (It’s blank because it is waiting for our wedding photos to pop in there.)  The Paris sign was a house-warming gift from 4 years ago.  My crafted letter holder is sitting on the desk along with some of our framed engagement photos, some photo boxes holding supplies, a few personal items, a little pot for my push pins, and some cool tins from Ikea that I put my pens and things in.  Uhhh, don’t pay any attention to the stuff on the floor…still needing to finish setting up and cleaning up 🙂

French Twill Cork Storyboards

A close up of the 3 French Twill Cork Storyboards that I made and are now hanging on the bright yellow home office wall.  My excitement inspired the message that I push-pinned up there:  “I (heart) my home office!”

Hubby's DeskMike’s desk received a decorative touch as well.  Artwork that I made in high school, my pen & ink stipple point Bulldog, “Poncho” now serves as his watchdog.

Breaking the desk inIt was about 9:30 pm when Mike and I realized we were hungry, since we had been so embroiled in our set-up.  We took our fruit, cheese and cracker snack/dinner into our upgraded space to enjoy.

Mike gets a big “THANK YOU!”  He helped me attach picture hangers, ran out to Home Depot amidst the set-up to pick up more supplies, carefully measured everything off, drilled, etc, etc, and made it look “picture perfect.” He’s so handy, and I’m so blessed.

Looking forward to continuing to set-up the Martinez Command Center. We have some more work to do, but thankfully the bigger items are pretty much in place.  I hope you have enjoyed a brief glimpse into some of the space, my French Countryside corner office, in the Newlywed’s home!

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