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Gaining Mad Photo Skills

With 2,000+ images from a client shoot over 4 days in California, photo editing work can be a bit daunting. A Pro Photographer I do not claim to be; yet I possess an Artist’s eye and a penchant for learning. I’ve been working hard on gaining some “mad photo skills”.

Here I give you a couple samples of my latest digital photography editing work. I am using Photoshop along with a plugin a photographer blog recommended called RadLab. I am testing out RadLab with a 14 day free trial, and loving it!

Here’s a couple samples to see what a difference learning and applying photo editing can make!

BEFORE: Age to Age Concert: Curtis Stephan, Steve Agrisano, and Dan Schutte

AFTER: Photoshop + RadLab Plugin Editing
TOP IMAGE: BEFORE – Bishops with Archbishop Gomez of LA.
AFTER: Photoshop + RadLab Plugin Editing

Well, back to editing I go!

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