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Spring, Getting Down to Business, and BIRDS!

The office

Another Friday at "The Office"

Ahhh, April in Dallas!  The wild Blue Bonnets cascading across the fields, the trees flaunting their new emerald plumes, the wild Spring wind whipping around, and Birds fluttering both IN and OUTside of the home.

I’ve got nothing against birds, really.  My Grandmother raised me to be very conscious of their wellbeing, actually. She was always gathering up bits of food for either my Grandpa or to feed the birds.  To this day, loaf of bread “butts” are considered bird food.  And just last weekend, my husband and I rented, The Big Year, the recent Birding movie featuring Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson — and I enjoyed it!

See, I am a bird advocate — when they are outside of my house.  Let’s be honest, I doubt that they are all too fond of my stuffy, small attic or our dark, spooky chimney either.

So the Property Manager sent out her Maintenence “guy”, (I really love when people have A GUY) this morning to scope out our Bird Invasion situation and take action.  Gosh, I hope it works.

As is the Sanchez family norm, there is a long saga that is much funnier shared in person with waving arms, silly sound effects, and a nemesis.  In this case, it was a guy named George from a local Extermination company. Albeit friendly, George proceeded to chatter on for more then an hour of my hubby’s time walking around the exterior of our condo, theorizing about the “infiltration”.  He discussed, in great depth, all the possibilities of what could be in our attic and all the ways it could have gotten there.  This was all done without ever actually getting up in the attic to SEE.  Things got worse from there, but I digress.

Today I prefer to join the birds outdoors, on this lovely Spring afternoon. A city girl has got to take advantage of the mid 80 degree weather when possible, yes?  Not a bad office space either. It’s time for me to write. I’m doing my weekly warm up here.   Friday, I love you.  OK, going to get down to business.  Or at least try 🙂  Just getting the writing juices flowing…

UPDATE: Back inside the house. Unhappy bird is STILL in the Chimney. UGH! Dick van Dyke & Mary Poppins, where are you when I need you??

“Chim chiminey
Chim chiminey
Chim chim cher-ee!
A sweep is as lucky
As lucky can be”

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