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True Leadership

Leadership quotes

A big takeaway from this past Lent was forming better habits. I was focusing on making better decisions with my time and working on being more intentional on where I spend my energy. As I work on growing myself personally and professionally, I’ve been pondering leadership lately.

There are many elements that comprise a great leader – this quote nails the basic essentials. Just because someone is charismatic and can work a crowd like a rib, or is sitting as the head Honcho who calls all the shots, doesn’t necessarily make him or her a leader.

Confidence, courage, compassion, being a good listener, equality in actions – and here’s the biggie: INTEGRITY of his INTENT.

These characteristics flow out from a servant approach to leadership – being attentive to the NEEDS OF OTHERS; however, one thing I’ve learned, even in the Divine order of things, leading at the expense of taking proper care of yourself is not good. I’ve struggled with balance in this area – putting everyones needs and problems before my own. After all, we are called to love as Christ did, which is sacrificial and selfless. It can be challenging to navigate at times.

I’ve found that above all, I need to keep myself first rooted in Christ. God has taken many opportunities to teach hard-headed me about holy order: I need to take care of me and my relationship with Him, and then let the rest flow out from there.

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