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Be a Visionary

The key which unlocks our dreams lies within us

The key which unlocks our dreams lies within us

“If you lose focus of your vision, the world will steal your dreams!” boldly asserted a tough talking Evangelist from the pulpit of a stadium sized Church in Houston.  Members of the assembly clapped and exploded in affirming, “Amen’s” in agreement, as the church pulsated with a keen spiritual energy.  Although she did not possess an imposing stature, her message did, which was evident as the congregation hung on each word released from their Guru’s mouth.

Who was this Guru that has captured their attention?  It was an evangelist who has managed to saturate all media markets, Joyce Meyer.  Houston was the hot spot this weekend to receive a proverbial spiritual kick in the pants, as Joyce preached over three days at Joel Olsteen’s church with Darlene Zchech and the Hillsong United Band in tow.  Regardless of the number of stops on her 2009 Tour, Meyer maintained a level of focus and energy that evidently stirred in the hearts of those present.  She undoubtedly managed to raise the temperature a few degrees in vast expanse of Lakewood Church with her spirited presentation on maintaining vision.

“If you are going to be a leader, you can’t be passive about your vision.  You have to be active and determined in its pursuit,” was the crux of the message presented.  True to form, she illuminated that precept using different biblical passages.  Meyer even had a tent on the stage, to illustrate how Abram would have appeared over two thousand years ago when God began to fulfill his promise to make his descendents as numerous as the stars of the sky.  Peeking her face out at first from within the traditional triangle shaped tent, she then stepped forward and declared, “Sometimes you need to step out of your tent and gain a new perspective.”  Amen, sister!

She impressed upon us that God created us to reach.  How does that work?  It’s a partnership – a partnership with God.  “You cannot do God’s part and God will not do your part,” Joyce assured us.  I admire how unafraid she is about really reaching for her vision, “I’d rather dream a big dream and get part of it then a little dream and get all of it!”

Amidst the steady stream of scriptures she fed us, one that I latched onto came from Ecclesiastes 5:3

“For a dream comes with much business and painful effort, and a fool’s voice with many words.”

Indeed, my fellow visionaries, it will take a considerable amount of time and effort to go after that dream.  But do not fear, “God has got something ready for you.  God is getting you ready for it.”  So keep on reaching as He prepares you.

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