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Operation Head shots

Family is and always has been important to me. Between all of us, God has blessed us with a variety of talents. There’s cooking, dancing, singing, baking, playing guitar, arts & crafters, computer/gaming skills, athleticism, teaching, logistics, photography, event planning, acting, and so on and so forth. We have a lot of fun between all our families!

My oldest niece, Alyssa, loves acting. She has been/and remains involved in several productions throughout her high school career. To pursue her dreams of stardom, good head shots are crucial for “the biz”. With our new camera and DIY portable light-box for our business, Illuvint, we were able to help her along in that pursuit. And I’ve learned a thing or ten about the art of digital photography and perfecting lighting along the way as well!

As usual, our family pulled together to make it happen. From plucking eyebrows, to wardrobe, to make-up and make-shift reflectors, and everything in between – we accomplished our mission, and had a great time doing it!

Here are 2 of my favorites from yesterday’s photo shoot:

A Black Edited Copyright

A Blue Edited Copyright

And for any talent scouts out there, you could just contact me to reach this gem. She sings, acts, is funny and sweet, and is related to me– so is the total package! HA!

Good luck to all my friends and family in pursuit of their dreams – don’t ever give up!

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