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Our Big Announcement!!

No, we’re not pregnant…yet… But admit it, that’s kinda what you were thinking, right?  Trust me, you’ll know when that’s happening .  You will be literally be able to hear certain people shouting it from the rooftops, ha ha ha!

Moving right along, this announcement is about somethings else we’ve been working on behind the scenes.  Talking about things since last year, consulting with folks, planning, preparing, wishing, dreaming, slowly crossing tasks off the growing list, working on after our “day jobs”…

And guess what — we’re getting close!

This is the special preview of just one of the things we’ve been working on…

Little With Great Love Logo

This is the logo (I’m also now dabbling in Graphic Design–not bad for my first logo, huh?!) for what will be my own little online boutique, called Little With Great Love.

The name was inspired by my two favorite Theresas, St. Therese the Little Flower and Mother Teresa, that “we cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”  This little online boutique will feature beautiful handmade goods. The driving force behind this is my Mother-in-law, Josie, who is a crocheting machine.  I’m telling you, this woman can crank out a hat or a scarf before your visit is over!!

I learned a little about crochet from my Grandma when I was young, but it had been years since I even thought of doing it again.  Last year when Josie visited us in Dallas and we took her to get supplies, I asked her to show me how to crochet once again.  Although I’m definitely much slower with a crochet hook, and still need to consult YouTube “how to videos” (shout out to all the crochet videographers – you’ve saved my project more then once! Learning to read crochet patterns is like learning a new language), I’m coming along little by little.  But they are all made with great love, I assure you!

Our website will be littlewithgreatlove.com.  It’s just the logo there right now – but a shop will take its place once we are able to finish building it!  Since I just got the second shipment of more Little With Great Love goodies from Josie, and we now have a real digital camera to take pics with, I wanted to share a quick special sneak peak preview here!

Crochet Hats

Little with Great Love hats of many colors!

More Hats - Little With Great Love

More hats, headbands, in lots of styles and colors

Scarves - Little With Great Love

Close up so you can see the quality craftsmanship of these handmade scarves

Little With Great Love - Lisa's Crochet

A couple things I’ve learned to make – Pumpkin Hat for infants, adult hat with matching neck warmer, and accent flowers

We are excited to get the shop up and running, and hopefully just in time for cooler weather and sweet Christmas gifts too. Our handmade gifts can be customized too – with your choice of colors, sizes, styles (if you have seen something on Pinterest that you must have, we can search for the pattern to make it).

Crochet will not be the only thing we feature, but it is what we will be putting up in the shop first – since obviously we have it in stock!

I’ll keep you posted about the kickoff of Little With Great Love.  Your support would mean so much to us as we work to get things off the ground, so I’d love to hear your comments about things you’d like to see in the shop as we build.  Helping us spread the word would be just lovely too.

P.S. If you see something you like, or want something before the shop is online, please let me know! We’d be happy to oblige.

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