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The Final Push: Will Third Time Be A Charm?

This is it, friends! It’s the final 2 days of D Magazine’s (D as in Dallas) BEST OF BIG D, where a very talented photographer friend of ours could possibly grab the title of Best Family Photographer, on her 3rd nomination. You can see some samples of her incredible photography and hilarious captioning skills below, and learn of her awesomeness. The link to vote is (and she is MIETTE PHOTOGRAPHY, on PAGE 6 under “Who is the best FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER”): Best of Big D Services Ballot


2 buttsMiette Photography, owned by internationally recognized photographer Jayme Nourallah, has been nominated for the 2013 Best of Big D Readers’ Choice Poll for best family photographer.

This is Nourallah’s third nomination, and she wonders if three will be her lucky number. “Even after all these years, I continue to put so much of myself into my photography,” she says, “I hope people see that passion, and respond to it. I cherish the families I work with, and D Magazine provides a broader platform to reach, engage, and capture more of them!”BreedFace 

Inspired by both graphic design and modern art, Miette’s owner has been behind the shutter for over 20 years. An artist to the core, she gets her ideas from art magazines and books and especially enjoys galleries and trips to museums.

“Photography is no different than fine art to me,” she says. “I consider myself a painter first. I use my camera and the tools of photography to balance the elements of an image, including the color, texture, visual weight, and negative space. This gives my photos a definitive look that I think separates me from most of my competition.”

Her customers are among her biggest fans. “It’s rare that someone comes to the house and doesn’t comment on [Jayme’s] work of [my son],” says Bill.

Tasanee notes that Nourallah works well with her subjects: “My daughter gets apprehensive around strangers and Jayme was perfect. The two worked together very well. I want her to photograph my daughter every year of her life!”Cookie

Jayme handcrafts many of the backdrops used for her shoots. Pouring her passion and creativity into her sessions, it’s so much more than taking a family photo, but rather capturing the essence of each unique family member every time. It’s no wonder she has named her business after her daughter — Miette is a French term of endearment meaning “little crumb” — as she nurtures it like a mother.

Nourallah feels strongly that her talent with photography is more than a business. She has recently returned from a mission trip to Costa Rica, building housing as well as relationships with the village children. “Giving back is part of who I am. With all that I’ve been given, it’s the least I can do.”

Nourallah’s photography has appeared in Time Out New York, Dallas Modern Luxury, Der Spiegel Germany, D Magazine, La Gazetta dell Sport Rome, Time Out London, Alternative Press, and the cover of the Dallas Observer. Her portfolio can be viewed at MiettePhotography.com or on Facebook at  facebook.com/MiettePhotography.HowPregnantPic

The link to vote is (and she is MIETTE PHOTOGRAPHY, on PAGE 6 under “Who is the best FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER”): Best of Big D Services Ballot.

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