Prayer for the Strengthening of Marriages

Prayer for Marriages

A sweet friend recently sent me a “spiritual toolbox” with some specific items that she picked up for my husband and I while traveling in Medjugorje, Assisi, San Giovanni Rotundo, and Rome. Included in those was this small devotional to Our Lady Undoer of Knots – a once obscure 300-year-old sacred image by master painter Johann Schmidtner. According to this Steubenville Press booklet pictured here, this is quickly becoming the fastest growing Marian devotion in the world today.

The story behind the painting is one of a real family that struggled through marital disunity, yet through prayerful intercession, there was a powerful reconciliation. It is said to be a favorite devotion of Pope Francis, and I can imagine as the Synod on the Family continues with Church leaders, he is asking for Our Mama’s help in these very trying times concerning issues with marriage and the family.

It’s a beautiful prayer, and I am quite certain that if not you, someone who is deeply struggling in their marriage will benefit from it. So please, share!

One quick note before the prayer, as some may wonder (like myself at one point many years ago) “Why pray to Mary?” Good question. Simply: Christ gave us the gift of His Mother from the Cross to be a powerful intercessor on our behalf. As Catholics, we do not worship Mary – we ask the vessel that brought us Our Savior to pray with and for us.

Speaking from personal experience: If you struggle having a relationship with the Mother of God, ask her to help you. I did when I was a college student, and it opened me up to the most beautiful example of purity, womanhood, spiritual motherhood, etc… Mary has answered many prayers and requests of mine through the years, including leading my dear Husband to me (another story for another day), so believe me when I say, this Jewish Mama will hook you up!!

Prayer for the Strengthening of Marriages

Blessed Mother, take into your hands
the knots that affect married couples,
and with your long fingers of love and grace
undo these knots for the glory of God.
Visit married couples with your grace,
renew their sacramental covenant,
increase God’s love in them,
and strengthen their bond of peace
so that, with their children,
they may always rejoice in the gift of your blessing.
Mary, Undoer of Knots, pray for us.

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