Our Anniversary

Anniversary 2

It was two years ago today. The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, the man sent by God to bear witness to the LIGHT. The South Texas heat that June afternoon was sweltering, the smiles, laughter and tears that all flowed easily revealed that the love present was clearly too big for the Church to contain.  To my dear Husband, I can’t believe it’s only been two years, yet I’m glad that a lifetime of love still lies beyond!  The quote that I put on our wedding photo here expresses much of what is in my heart this day…mainly that I feel BLESSED. I’m grateful that the greatest Love of all, that of the Father, guided you to me after many, many years of prayers. Happy Anniversary, Sweets!

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2 thoughts on “Our Anniversary

  1. Norma Hall says:

    Congratulations my dear. You must remember to tell each other how much you love each other, EVERY DAY. And KISS each other before you fall asleep. Your life and love will get better and better everyday. It is so nice to see the strong faith you two share. God bless you both always!

    Love and prayers,



    • Lisa says:

      Great advice from someone still so in love after all these years with her husband – talk about inspiring! Thank you, Norma. God bless you both always too! Love, L


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