We Remember, We Salute You


MemorialDay2ICONI worked on this design yesterday for a campaign that I’m managing, an amazing project for a client, that I wrote about here. While I was working, I thought of my Grandpa who fought if WWII, my Uncle who fought in Korea, and the other friends and family we have that have served or currently serve in the military. I also thought of the men and women that I don’t even know, who put their life on the line for our freedom. Thank you is too small a sentiment, but…we are grateful for your bravery, your honor, your sacrifice.

My family is unbelievably blessed that my Grandpa, Uncle, and other friends and family have all come home after war. My Grandma actually had written letters to Grandpa while serving in WWII, and they didn’t really meet and get married until he got back; so I wouldn’t even exist today had things been different!

That makes me really stop and reflect today for those who it IS very different for, those whose loved ones go off to war and return wounded, or (God-forbid) return in a casket. Not to mention those who are MIA or POWs. There truly is no greater love than this. So this, this one is dedicated to you, sent with all our love and prayers, the heroes of war.

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