A Different View Towards Mourning A Loss


“While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.” – John Taylor, American Politician

These words dove off the page into my heart, with a Mom-shaped hole. Sheesh. Our experience of the death of a loved one can often be so one-dimensional…even for those of us who believe in Heaven. It hurts. Bad. For a long time.

I’m not the only one with this speaking to my heart though, am I? The inspiration hit, and I had to use this quote to craft this design. That along with this picture of this woeful pup worthy of an ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLauchlan crooning in the background. Hey, we’ve donated to ASPCA, so I’m not knocking it, just calling it, HA!

Beyond that, I designed this to create awareness for a special mission of my talented musician friend, Curtis Stephan. As a Parish Music Minister for years, he has met with many grieving families and friends to do music for their loved ones’ funerals. After losing his Dad last year, Curtis was convinced that something more was needed to give to those mourning a loss. Something to remind them that love remains with them, after the flowers wilt and family returns home.

How would he accomplish that? By doing what he does best, creating music for the soul. And on this unique CD, specifically, music for the suffering soul. Even more specifically, a Songs of Consolation CD, to give to people in any type of broken-hearted situation, in need of comfort. To get CDs out to those most in need, Curtis wants to be able to bulk-price the CDs to get them to Churches, Grieving Groups, Funeral Homes and Ministries of Consolation everywhere.

You can hear some of Curtis’ story, catch some of his righteous tunes, and gather the details of this mission through the video below.

Curtis can’t do something of this magnitude on his own. This is a community project: The Body of Christ reaching out to the suffering Body of Christ! We need you!! As such, this is a crowdfunding campaign through indiegogo.com.  Curtis’ indiegogo campaign is here.

No contribution is too small. Other important ways to help are to SHARE this awesome project with others to spread awareness, and primarily, to PRAY for those grieving, and please pray for this project! May it may truly glorify God!

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One thought on “A Different View Towards Mourning A Loss

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