The Gift of Laughter

I’m knee deep in video editing again today for a client. In the midst of downloading my footage from our DSLR Camera days ago, I also had some family footage from the past few months that I dropped into my editing program. I’m coming clean – YES, it’s April and I am just getting to download family videos that I took from LAST year. Frankly, it seems like a miracle that I’m even doing it now, I’m so up to my ears with getting our business fully-functioning amidst the brouhaha of life.

When life gets rushed and is robbing me of much needed leisure–it is precisely in these moments when taking time for the little things, like to appreciate what a gift laughter is, is well worth it.

In the midst of all my splicing and transitioning, I clicked on this clip and heard my sweet little Godson’s voice breakthrough. Instant MELTING occurred. Seeing his little eyes peer through the cutouts of the Kickboard, I traveled back to that time and place, remembering the sights, sounds, and smells. I smiled.

My Godson and I were sitting by my Dad’s pool in his screened-in porch, on a sunny, warm Florida day right before Christmas (Hence “White Christmas” playing in the background). The night before we had played with the cardboard pizza boxes, peering through the cut-out while giving a warm, “HELLO!” to each other and laughing in between. This little montage of our Godson brought me the gift of laughter today. I call it “The Art of Salutation” by Jacob.

With all that life gives us that we could complain and cry about, it’s nice to celebrate these moments. When life gets hectic, remember to take time to savor the memories that make us laugh and be grateful for our loved ones.

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