Gaining Mad Photo Skills

With 2,000+ images from a client shoot over 4 days in California, photo editing work can be a bit daunting. A Pro Photographer I do not claim to be; yet I possess an Artist’s eye and a penchant for learning. I’ve been working hard on gaining some “mad photo skills”.

Here I give you a couple samples of my latest digital photography editing work. I am using Photoshop along with a plugin a photographer blog recommended called RadLab. I am testing out RadLab with a 14 day free trial, and loving it!

Here’s a couple samples to see what a difference learning and applying photo editing can make!

BEFORE: Age to Age Concert: Curtis Stephan, Steve Agrisano, and Dan Schutte

AFTER: Photoshop + RadLab Plugin Editing
TOP IMAGE: BEFORE – Bishops with Archbishop Gomez of LA.
AFTER: Photoshop + RadLab Plugin Editing

Well, back to editing I go!

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2 thoughts on “Gaining Mad Photo Skills

  1. Mari Jo says:

    I love your new found photoshop + Radlab editing! I am going to have to try it


    • Lisa says:

      Thanks, MJ! I’ve had a lot of fun and love the stylized results I was getting. Howeever, I did get a word of caution from my Pro Photographer friend on plugins, based on her experience. She said, “They tend to be very lossy and if you would ever need to blow something up for print use it will really hurt your image. They almost always cost in clarity and always in sharpness. So it is better to use a light touch in Photoshop with different tools then to use a plugin or action that will just ‘do it all’ and take away so much.”


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