Double the Birthday Fun!

It was a beautiful South Florida day, round about 11 years ago—if my memory serves me correctly. My SIL was at her OBGYN appointment, checking up on the progress of her pregnancy. I was in-town, exhibiting at a conference in Miami, so had just left my brother & SILs home in a neighboring city.

Sitting in a restaurant, alone on a quick break to eat, a phone call from my brother came as a happy diversion. They had just gotten a Sonogram done, and his voice was full of joy and wonder.

“You’re going to be an Aunt……….TWICE!”

I’m sure he could hear my huge grin through the phone. “I know! Alyssa (the 4-yo at the time) and then now! YAY!”

“NO, no!” He replied. “It’s TWO. We are having twins! A boy and a girl!”

What. Just. Happened?

I must have been so incredibly caught up in that moment, in laughter and awe, you know…I have no recollection as to what I said next!

Fast forward to 2013, and here it is, their birthday!  And, as their proud Aunt, they still fill my life and many others with so much laughter and awe.

With Grandpa

Mr Eyebrows Sad Face

Little With Great Love

Triple trouble

My, how you’ve grown from what appears to be one the oldest pics of I can find on my computer now of you, Birthday Babies!

This one is with your Grandma, who is sending you hugs and kisses from Heaven, I just know it!

Family at Christmas

Even though we miles away, we wanted to say Happy Birthday, kiddos!  Enjoy the day that brought you not only into our family, but into our hearts!


Your Aunt + Uncle

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