Too Much Noise

Flip the news on in the morning while getting ready.
Put the radio on in the car while driving to work.
Listen to playlists while at work.
Have HGTV running in the background while making dinner.
Workout to a “buns of steel” playlist while reading the subtitles on the TV monitors at the gym.
Work on the couch with a movie milling in the background.
Sleep with my Hubby’s white noise playing from his phone.

I admit that I infuse a lot of “noise” into my day.  One Lent a couple of years back, I asked God what I should focus on and he said I needed less noise, to have more silence.  I needed to listen, to “create space” to hear Him.  I was reminded of that same message again this week – so I created this little piece of art featured here to remind myself just that (I’m just learning how/toying around with Illustrator, so it’s still a work in progress).

Silence will teach us a lot.  It will teach us to speak with Christ and to speak joyfully to our brothers and sisters.  – Mother Teresa

While we were chilling and watching TV, I noticed something wrong with a friend this week.  When I asked what was wrong, there was not much of a response.  But I knew there was something wrong. I asked again…vague answer.  I turned off the noise.  I prayed silently, “Help me get the root of what is bothering my friend.”

It came. “Mary wants to help you. She asked that we just pray a decade of the Rosary together.”

While we prayed, my friend’s heart began to melt.  Tears streaming down his face, he confided what was weighing on him – something recently discovered about himself that made him feel ashamed.

I listened. I loved. He thanked me – as if we had not stopped and prayed, who knows how long that would have lingered below the surface.

And I thanked Our Lady – because I knew it was her at work, through prayer and in the silence, and not me.

3 thoughts on “Too Much Noise

  1. Norma Hall says:

    Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing such a nice story. It brought tears to my eyes because as devoted to the Rosary that I have always been, I have neglected my little ritual for a couple of weeks now. The complications in my life have greatly increased and have interfered with my prayer time and I have been feeling so bad about that. I too long for the silence that I was so used to having but the noise in life has really bogged my prayer time. I thank Our Lady for calling me back. I will begin my most needed Rosary ritual tomorrow morning.

    She continues to call us back to His Son.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Love and prayers,



    • Lisa says:

      Dear Norma,
      Gosh, I’m really sorry to hear that things have become more difficult. Know that our prayers are with you. I’m grateful that Mary and Jesus reached out to you too. I know that their mercy is great, and they are always ready to receive us with wherever we are at. Thank you for sharing – I always love hearing from you.
      Blessings to you and your family,


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