Sleeping Solutions, with a Bed Upgrade

Closed Door: Goodbye to the old single life and bed

This was the old bed that I inherited. A Full Size spring mattress that had seen better days.  Not a good fit for us Newlyweds, with bodies experiencing various aches and pains.  Bad beds and bad backs are not a good mix.

We went shopping yesterday and received the blessing of a great deal on a Tempurpedic King Sized Bed and Base from Sleep Experts.  The bed we chose is called the Rhapsody, with a “deeper comfort layer of highly-conforming TEMPUR-HD material fully cushions your body and delivers a medium-firm feel.” It was delivered earlier today and I confess, it already has induced a power nap and an ever-increasing desire to get to bed early.

The Open Window: A new firm. back-supporting Tempur-Pedic bed. A King-sized bed, it will allow room for growth, aka. Kiddos in God's time

Landing some other great deals that we scoured the discount shops for, we got the rest of what our new bed required: A hypo-allergenic, waterproof mattress protector; a 7-piece King Bed Spread Set; and the new Sateen 600 thread count 6-piece Sheet Set.  All that for around $100, I’d say that we did really good.

Lining up the other portion in the sound sleep procurement equation, Mike is now installing the Blackout Roman Shades that we previously bought from Lowes.  Not only will they help block out the light from the parking outside our Condo’s bedroom windows, but dang, they look good!  Small touches really can provide that extra finish and tie in other elements in the room.

The Blackout Roman Shade vs. the Roller Shade - no contest in style and function!

I believe that we are now set to meditate for our 9-hour Novenas to St. Mattress, tee hee!  Good night…

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping Solutions, with a Bed Upgrade

  1. Mary Ellen Klask says:

    Your new bed is beautiful, Lisa. Very BIG compared to the ordinary mattress, but the deep sleep makes it worth it. Now, like me, you’ll be shopping for fitted sheets with a 20-inch drop. Looks like you already found them, and at a bargain price. May God bless you and Mike with wonderful dreams.


    • Lisa says:

      Thanks so much, Mrs. Klask! We’ve been sleeping like babies – what a blessed change – and yes, so much more room! God bless you and your family as well – we pray that all is well with you and yours.


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