Crafting Sassy Supplies

We, the Newlyweds, have been settling into married life with a skosh more then two months under our Sacramental belts now.  Part of process has consisted of setting up our home office, which has been exciting for me since I never have had a “real” set-up before.  It has been a gradual and detail-oriented undertaking over the past few weeks now, from shopping extensively online then finally going to Ikea for corner desks we both like to assemble and arrange, to making the bigger investment of a portable AC unit to keep our hottest room cool enough to house all of our computers/gadgets/systems and keep them running.  And what the heck? Finding office chairs that are less expensive then a Lazy Boy recliner and chair mats for high pile carpets that are less expensive then replacing the carpet has been an ordeal in and of itself!

But now I’ve gotten to the fun part — the decorative bit!  And to put my own sassy twist on my creative space, I’ve done some crafting.  I’ve had some supplies on hand, picked-up whatever was lacking, and finally have made some time to devote to getting it ready to transform my space!

I picked up an old cork board at the Good Will that someone had already attempted to make sassy.  I saw more potential in that polka-dotted bulletin board so I put down my $5 and snatched it up.  I stripped it down and started to rebuild it into a French Country Cork Story Board!

I’ve had scraps of the French Twill fabric since a friend brought me them shortly after I moved in 4 years ago.  That designer friend helped me plot out a “French Countryside” theme in my bright yellow at-the-time guest room.   We used some of those material scraps as accents to the valance hanging over the windows.  After all this time, the remaining scraps have worked out to be the perfect sizes for the pieces featured herein.

I began my crafting with the large Bulletin Board.  I put a little cotton-like backing over the cork, then I hot glued my French Twill material over that. For next time, I will use Fabric Glue instead, because the hot glue bled through the light colored fabric in a few places.  Craft and learn, right?

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and picked up the perfect frilly black ribbon to apply to the wood border.  The black created a dramatic frame for this piece.  I then hot glued a decorative cream accent border around the interior edge to finish it off.  I like the soft touch and detail right inside that frilly dramatic edge.

Now I have my fancy French Twill Cork Storyboard to use for my writing projects! (Photographed above, bottom right.)

To have a bit more space to push-pin up my storyboard index cards to organize my writing topics, I also got some cork board 12×12 squares.  Back at Hobby Lobby, I snagged 2 gorgeous and appropriately named “Paris” open back frames that were 50% off (nice frames – originally $27.99 each).  I cut down the cork squares to fit the 8 x 10 frames.  I covered it with the French Twill fabric, and used craft glue to stick it on to the cork board. Then I hot glued them into the frame.

Next I cut some black foam board to fit as a backing behind the cork.  It was not only meant to give it a more finished look, but also to provide some support since the cork is thin and flimsy.  These pieces were quick to make, relatively inexpensive with the sale purchase, and will make nice side accents to the middle large cork storyboard.  

Lastly I needed something to organize my bills and other paper paraphernalia. I got a simple little wooden black tiered letter holder – I think it ended up being $6.99 with my 40% coupon. I took some of my black frill ribbon, and the cream accent border down the middle, and attached the accents to the front with my craft glue. Fast and simple touches have made it go from plain to posh.

There’s something to be said to creating a pleasing environment in which to work.  If I’m going to spend a considerable amount of time at my desk, I wanted a warm, sassy yet classy, with a touch of international flair workspace in which to be productive, creative, or both.  My husband can have his Superman stuff on his side, but I can almost smell the fresh baguettes and Café au lait in my Hungry-Mexican twist on the French Countryside.

I need to go out to get some picture hanger thingies (that is a highly technical term, sorry if I lost you there) to complete my crafted sassy supplies by making them wall-hanger ready.  That’s on the agenda for later today or tomorrow.  Once they are up on the wall tomorrow and the space gets tidied up, I’ll post a pic of what my sassy office space looks like.

I hope that this may have inspired you to beautify your space too!  Just like me, make it your own.  If you’re not crafty, or just don’t have the time etc, just say the word and that may be the last incentive I need to set-up an Etsy shop with my Mother-in-laws lovely Crocheted items and this and whatever creative and/or sassy endeavors my brain squeezes out!  Actually, by mid-October I’d like to have the Etsy shop up and running since my MIL is a crocheting machine, and we’ve had some of her items ready to go since her Spring Break visit (Hey, we were wedding planning, OK?).  So more to come!

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