Blog Overhaul – Letting in the Fresh Air

So, my husband helped me design this nifty new header image for my Blog – yay! In honor of the new look, there is also a new layout. I am letting in some fresh air on my blog.

I hope this will inspire me to have some more time and discipline to get back to recording some of my ponderings here.

Thanks for stopping by, and please keep doing so!

Getting some fresh air on the blog = Makeover

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3 thoughts on “Blog Overhaul – Letting in the Fresh Air

  1. Your header is beautiful! 🙂 It’s very unique and gives a fresh air to the blog, like you wanted. I’m still working on getting a header for my blog; hopefully it’ll come soon!


    • Lisa says:

      Appreciate the feedback, Natasha! Glad that it fulfills the desired effect. Good luck on yours. The more that I look at websites, the more that I realize that the layout and objects within it definitely create an environment and that all plays into the whole readership type of deal. Thanks again 🙂


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