Venerable Pope John Paul II, pray for us!

Only three more days between us and Divine Mercy Sunday.  That also means that the day that our beloved Pope John Paul II’s Beatification in Rome also lies just around the bend. Many of wish we could be physically be there, but there are other ways to join in on the celebration.

In my work at CCC of America, our team has been working hard on launching the re-release of a special 4-disc documentary series, John Paul II:  The Man, The Pope and His Message.  It will be an awesome resource for all ages, especially since it will have curriculum and other extras to guide discussions!  The release date has not been firmly established, but we are all working hard and are beyond excited about distributing this 5-hour, 10 volume series of intimate moments captured by famed Italian Journalist, Alberto Michelini, and his special arrangements through the Vatican. It is a moving tribute to a true hero that I was incredibly blessed to have met at Mass in his Private Chapel in 1997.

I wanted to pass along a prayer that I was commissioned to write at work for the website we are working on for the Documentary Series.  I thought it may help us all prepare for his Beatification. If you would be so kind as to remember also our efforts to get this special edition ready and out in order to spread his message – we would be indebted for the prayer support, thanks!

Here is the prayer.  I hope it will bear fruit in all of our lives:


Trusting in the mercies of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we approach the throne of grace asking for Pope John Paul II to intercede on our behalf.  May his example inspire faith, hope, and charity in our hearts and those around us, since during his time on earth he truly mirrored the Good Shepherd to the Church.

Help us live out his message to “be not afraid,” in word and in deed.  May we follow his lead of “putting out into the deep”, and never grow weary of showing compassion to those in need.  Move within us, increasing our desire to contemplate the face of Christ as he faithfully did.

Advocate of building a culture of life through art and media, through your intercession, please allow us to be vessels of truth to future generations.

Blessed Mother, we consecrate ourselves a new to you this day.  As he entrusted his petitions to your maternal care, we do the same now.  Mary, protect us and guide us to your Son.

Grant us, though the intercession of your servant Pope John Paul II, the graces which we now implore (mention request).  May Your will be done in and through us.


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