Open Wide the Doors!

“Doors will be opening for you in many areas of your life”

That was the message tucked inside of my fortune cookie this afternoon while out lunch with my Sweetie at the local Asian Bistro.  “Now there’s one for the blog,” I thought.  Over the past year since I began this journey that I’ve been blogging about here and there, I’ve opened various windows presented to me as other doors closed. Those windows have let in a refreshing breeze and rays of sunshine into my life.  Yet there are doors I feel that are being prepared me for that He wants to open in my life, and yours, if we will allow it.

Walking by faith is not always simple at times.  In my prayers I tell God that I want to do His Will.  Then shortly thereafter my will often chimes in, since after all it has so many “great ideas” of its own on how to participate or not in God’s plan.  Thankfully we serve a merciful God, who desires good things for his children, and can make up for where we are lacking.

Painting of the Mystical wedding of St. Catherine of Siena by Lotto Lorenzo

I’m grateful to a dear friend who gave me a booklet of St. Catherine of Siena, Mystic and Doctor of the Church, with a treasury of quotes to inspire my writing. It didn’t take long since I received “Sermon in a Sentence” yesterday, with that extra nudge from my fortune cookie, to incite this post.  In St. Catherine’s famous Dialogue with the Lord, he expressed to her, and reminds you and I today:

“I will fulfill your desires, but do not fail…in your hope in me. My Providence will never fail you, and every man, if he be humble shall receive that which he is fit to…receive from My goodness.”

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