Support a Catholic Speaker Month: Fr. Clement Machado

Fr. Clement Machado

Fr. Clement Machado, modern Missionary

At the ripe old age of 11, Clement Machado was visited by the Blessed Mother.  Revealing two visions to him, she showed him both heaven and hell. Profoundly affected, he knew then that he had a calling to be a Roman Catholic Priest.  Later, during his ordination in the grand Montreal Cathedral, St. Patrick also appeared to him. “I felt I had been taken out of all reality, as St.Patrick told me, ‘Go and free my people.'”  the Priest shared. Now known for promoting healing for the whole person – body, mind, heart, and soul – one would think that he has taken those words to heart.  The methods he uses to obtain that healing is through intercessory prayer, the ministry of Sacramentals and the Sacraments, and most poignantly through the Sacraments of Communion and Reconciliation.

Fr. Machado is not only a missionary of the Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT), he is a Exorcist trained by Rome.  An accomplished preacher and evangelist, he has brought the message of the gospel to five continents, as well as been featured on radio and TV programming for EWTN.  His impact is felt through his outreach in the forms of preaching, teaching, retreats, parish missions, conferences, days of recollection, Bible study and healing of the family lineage.  But I imagine that this priest would rather think of himself as leaving an impression in a more humble way.  “People are searching for their spiritual needs to be met and I try to connect them,” as he was quoted in the Toledo Blade.

Count this missionary among those who do not water it down, but present the message in a clear cut manner.  In August, he preached to a crowd on the “Year for Priests” as declared by Pope Benedict.  He challenged the people to contemplate the nature of the priesthood, which is supernatural, urging them on to truly realize what exactly that meant. In doing so, he felt that it would change the way they think and act around priests.  “A priest is a sign to remind people of God, of the Sacred,” he said, “not to be used or consumed and then not thought about until you need the priest or church.”

Fr. Clement Machado’s life and works include some extraordinary events. Yet, it all really boils down something as simple and profound as this:

“The Lord wants to heal people and heal relationships and help people overcome the pressures of society,” Father Machado said during an interview from Washington. “God is really there close to them, and you can discover God working through the sacraments, the liturgy, and communal prayer as well as individual prayer. Sometimes people have forgotten, and it helps to hear it again from a fresh perspective.”


The remaining list of 100+ Catholic speakers can be viewed at Fallible Blogma.  I’d like to not only recognize Matthew Warner for his efforts in raising awareness on the messengers for our Faith currently at work, but also thank him for the opportunity to participate in this worthwhile and necessary cause. Matthew, to show my appreciation, I just might even bake you a cake!

UPDATED 2014: Since a number of folks have asked, please note: Unfortunately I am not personally in touch with Fr. Clement Machado, neither do I have access to his schedule or contact information, nor have I been able to ever successfully discover it while searching for it. As he is a SOLT missionary and priest, perhaps if you contact them, you can get the information you are seeking.

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14 thoughts on “Support a Catholic Speaker Month: Fr. Clement Machado

  1. Brandy M Miller says:

    How awesome is God to give us priests such as these to tend the flock!


  2. […] #80 – Fr. Clement Machado Supporting blog post -> Closed Doors, Open Windows […]


  3. Melsliese says:

    Looks like you are a true pro. Did ya study about the subject? *lol*


  4. Dorothy McAuliffe says:

    I am trying to get in touch with Father Machado.

    I am visiiting the VA/DC area. Do you havae any information for me ?

    Thank you and may God bless all the good work that you do.



    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for your message, Dorothy. I wish I could help – I’ve not had any type of contact with Fr. Machado nor do I know where he is located. Perhaps his order, SOLT, may be able to advise. Their website is – and there is a contact us spot on there. God bless and I hope that you are able to get through to him – I’m saying a prayer that something works out for you doing your visit!


  5. Peter says:

    It is a great honor to have a great shepherd like Father Clement Machado in our midst. May God continue blessing him in his ministry in Jesus name.


  6. Theresa says:

    Father Machado is attending a retreat at the Blue Army Shrine in Washington, NJ. Go to the website WAFU (World Apostolate of Fatima) and see if the people there can give you contact information for him. I


  7. Marie jeanbart says:

    I need to know when the next retreat with fr Macado at the shrine of fatima in Washington,nj


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Marie,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Unfortunately I don’t have that information — please contact the Shrine directly, and they should be able to answer your question. God bless!


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