Occassions of Victory

Day 3: Are you getting ready for your rose?

Day 3: Are you getting ready for your rose?

One of my favorite books in the Universe, and a Little Flower Household book collection staple, is “I Believe in Love” by Pere Jean du Couer de Jesus D’Elbee (leave it to the religious and Mexicans to have 12 names…LOL!). Compiled by a priest who gave retreats on the spirituality of St. Therese, this book exemplifies the depth and beauty of St. Therese’s simple and childlike approach to spirituality.  Don’t be fooled when I say “simple and childlike” – she is one of the few female Saints to be counted among the Doctors of the Church!

Therese had an extremely sensitive temperament as a child, and she would react very strongly often even to small comments or actions.  Considering my passionate nature and strong-will, I often can relate to her in this area.  As such, the following passage from “I Believe in Love” has won all the prestigious designations of being highlighted, starred, and the page dog-eared in my copy.

“I assure you that I like a hundred times better those sensitive natures who suffer profoundly, who feel the stings, who react strongly, who kick, than the soft, indifferent, passive natures from whom everything slides off without penetrating.  I prefer the former, on the condition that their reactions are occasions of victory for them, that they profit from them to unite themselves more closely to Jesus and to give him the proof that it is him they love, repudiating what displeases him.  The occasion for struggle is the occasion for victory.  We do not have to yield deliberately, and, with the grace of God, we can always overcome.  Ask him to rebuke the rising waves, to calm them, ask him who in the boat stilled the furious sea with one word.

He will not calm it right away, because these very struggles which humiliate us are precious, and if it were enough to say a little prayer to become instantly an angel of meekness, it would be too easy.  Often he will leave you the trial, he will leave you the humiliation, but he will help you stay united to his will in the very center of the storm.  And if it has happened that you have yielded, you will pick yourself up very quickly, asking him to make everything right: ‘Jesus, repair what I have done badly.'”

A notion which is not widespread and which, nevertheless, is very important is that Jesus, when we ask him with confidence, repairs not only the evil we have done in ourselves, but also the evil we have done around us.”

Wow, is all that I can say.  Thank you for your mercy, Jesus.  I pray that these words will speak to your heart in some way that it needs this very day.

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